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Dec 14, 2011 5:30pm PST
region, but it's getting very wet and windy from ontario all the way downo texas. severe thunderstorms are possible across texas and oklahoma. and the rest of the area will see a mix of rain and snow as well as freezing rain. the system will move very slowly toward the east and affect quebec as well as nungds in the next 24 hours. across the west a new system is moving into british columbia as well as the pacific northwest, bringing rain and strong winds. but it's not a potent storm, so it should dissipate on thursday. minus 10 degrees in winnipeg and 7 in seattle, but across the east lots of warm areas coming in, pushing up temperatures. we're expecting 12 in toronto, which is about ten degrees higher than average and 19 in atlanta. finally, let's go over to europe. it's wet and windy again across most of the european countries. several atlantic systems will continue to bring heave veriy rain as well as snow and strong winds. particularly windy in the areas like france, germany, as well as poland. in northern germany winds could hit 115 kilometers per hour and strong winds are creatin
Dec 12, 2011 6:00pm PST
in texas are among the last to return home from iraq. the families of the returning soldiers are waiting anxiously, just a few kilometers away. amongst them, lori henley and her children. >> we are so excited. it has been a long year. there's nothing as exciting as knowing that they are coming home to stay this time. ♪ >> it has been 10 long months since sergeant troy saw his wife and children. >> feels good to be back home. no complaints. ready to get home, now. >> president barack obama promise to put an end to the iraq war as soon as possible as part of his campaign. >> today, i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america pause war in iraq will be over. >> nearly 4000 u.s. troops lost their lives in the war. the campaign cost washington more than $1 trillion. no weapons of mass destruction were found in the country. the united states public's opinion of the war in iraq has changed significantly. >> polls show that the average american, across the board, more than two-thirds now believe it was a m
Dec 13, 2011 5:30pm PST
wednesday. texas will experience the brunt of it. severe thunderstorms, hail, and damaging winds are likely, are possible here wednesday, and the rest of the area will see a mix of rain and snow and freezing rain. across the west, offshore low pressure system is approaching the west coast, and that will bring cold precipitation across the british columbia area, vancouver will see snow wednesday. we are expecting 3 degrees here and 6 in seattle. across the eastern u.s., we're going to see a significant warmup. 11 in chicago, and 18 in oklahoma city, and getting up to 25 in houston. finally, to europe. the northwestern portions of europe are still dealing with inclement weather. a series of low pressure systems will continue to bring fierce winds and heavy precipitation. particularly, here near the center of low pressure in northern ireland, winds could exceed 150 kilometers per hour, and winds are creating on the area here. rain and snow could become heavy at times in northern europe, and scattered heavy showers will continue across most of western continental europe. temperature wise, we ar
Dec 15, 2011 5:30pm PST
the southern u.s., but oklahoma and texas should get drier on friday. and across the west, another round of coastal rain as well as mountain snow is moving into british columbia. temperatures are looking like this, we're expecting 6 degrees in vancouver and 8 in seattle, and dipping down into the single digits in chicago, with 2 in toronto and slightly warmer than average in new york and washington, d.c. finally, let's go over to europe, western europe is still bracing for the impact of another powerful low pressure system, it's producing very heavy rain, strong winds, as well as severe thunderstorms across the southern british isles, and western continental europe. the system will move eastward and affect most of european countries in the next 24 hours. temperature wise we're expecting 4 degrees in london and 11 degrees in madrid. all right, i will leave you now with your extended forecast. clear >>> our lead story this hour, the government of japan about to set a milestone on the road to recovery. prime minister yoshihiko noda is expected to announce that the crippled reactors are in a
Dec 19, 2011 5:30pm PST
to the southwest. then on the southern side of this areas like texas, then into the lower mississippi valley, we're talking about heavier rains. that is now on the move. looks like rain will be spreading in towards the midwest as well as right along the mississippi valley. for tonight you do want to watch out for wintry conditions here. for areas of colorado in towards kansas and oklahoma. monday's highs will be -- tuesday, rather, highs will be looking like this. it is getting to be looking cold for oklahoma city. highs at just two degrees. 4 also in chicago. also single digits, 9 in d.c. and 7 degrees in new york. lastly, a look at europe. we'll be talking about largely unsettled weather all around. for the southeast corner here we'll be talking about showers and thunderstorms. then as this frontal system pulls on in, wintry weather both rain and snow will be spreading across the british isles as well as western and central sections of europe. for the alpine region, those mountain areas, you want to watch out for the potential for heavy snowfall. highs for tuesday will be looking at zero in mo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)